Christmas 2021

Pictures didn’t do our little tree justice this year with its white lights, wooden ornaments, homemade orange slices, cranberries, and popcorn strung. I love ALL the colors of Christmas, but there’s been something centering about our simple little tree. Simplicity makes space for gratitude. With each year, I become more and more (and more!) gratefulContinue reading “Christmas 2021”

Important Matters

Not long ago I scribbled down a few thoughts about having unexpectedly landing in a long season of rest. Yet, here I am again longing for slow following a long season of busy. Life is like that with its ebb and flow. Looking back always slows me down long enough to see what I mightContinue reading “Important Matters”

Marriage & Mondays

Marriage is filled with a lot of Mondays. There are plenty of beautiful days, some gosh awful ones, but mostly less-than-momentous moments. Last week we tucked away to the middle of nowhere Tennessee, to celebrate twenty-six years of Mondays! We get away as often as we can (but not nearly enough!) to remember who weContinue reading “Marriage & Mondays”

Motherhood & Saint Mary

“…and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed.” Luke 1: 47-48 Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart. I look back with great fondness on the years when my children were young. We homeschooled,Continue reading “Motherhood & Saint Mary”

A Year of Intentional Imperfection

My hubby laughed when I told him I’d been tweaking this piece on perfectionism since January 9. Oh, the irony. I committed myself to a full year of intentional imperfection at the beginning of the year amidst No Resolutions 2021. A paradox coming from a perfectionist pastor’s wife — but, that’s the point.  Idealism, OCDContinue reading “A Year of Intentional Imperfection”

Your One Hurting Heart

What do you do with your one hurting heart?  When you slip, falter or fail, or when someone breaks you in two. When hearts haven’t grown fonder but are stunted instead by the sadness and the shame of it all. Abundant apologies, longing for peace and a hope of renewal. Solace sought, yet sorrow staysContinue reading “Your One Hurting Heart”

Shadowed by Grace

Grace has shadowed the whole of my life.  Grace sheltered me in my early years and chased me into the latter. Grace has been my most constant companion, a dearest friend. In times of failure, Grace held my hand, and in times of goodness, Grace stood near. Grace has been a garland on my head,Continue reading “Shadowed by Grace”


I’ve been striving since circa 1991. That’s the best guess I have as to when I first realized I wasn’t enough. If you’re ever in doubt, go to middle or high school. Ever since those turbulent years, I have found myself rigorously trying to outrun ME. Who I am, where I came from, my family,Continue reading “Striving…”


Days look different these days. Business clothes have been replaced by lounge wear with long mornings, lingering thoughts…so much change in a year’s time. Daily rhythms have been swapped with wonderings of what’s to come. What do we do when we don’t know what to do? The world takes on new beauty when it stopsContinue reading “Rhythms”