Your One Hurting Heart

What do you do with your one hurting heart? 

When you slip, falter or fail, or when someone breaks you in two. When hearts haven’t grown fonder but are stunted instead by the sadness and the shame of it all.

Abundant apologies, longing for peace and a hope of renewal. Solace sought, yet sorrow stays and regret remains, reminding us of earlier, less troubled days. Reminding us of our brokenness too.

Flawed flesh and bone, knee-deep, and in need.

When awash in the ache, and drowning in pain, may we take comfort in One always near, and never far. Storing our tears, as the old story goes, to restore our one hurting heart.

Published by Angie

An introspective pastor’s wife, who believes in lots & lots of grace, laughter and waffles. Mom of four and wife to one very cute pastor. I am grateful for life in all its messiness.

4 thoughts on “Your One Hurting Heart

  1. Absolutely beautiful words! Your writing brings emotion. Looking forward to reading more and connecting with you through this blog! I live the design of the blog and all your introductions and photos! Job well done!


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