Shadowed by Grace

Grace has shadowed the whole of my life. 

Grace sheltered me in my early years and chased me into the latter. Grace has been my most constant companion, a dearest friend. In times of failure, Grace held my hand, and in times of goodness, Grace stood near. Grace has been a garland on my head, a covering for my brokenness.

And it is in this Grace I carry on.

Freely given, but difficult to give, and too easy to withhold. Anger comes more easily, perpetuating cycles of offense and shame. Grace is life-giving though, a sacrificial offering, a garland for someone’s head — a covering for their brokenness.

May we freely accept and fiercely bestow this cherished gift of Grace.

#grace / #shadowsofgrace / #garlandsofgrace 

Published by Angie

An introspective pastor’s wife, who believes in lots & lots of grace, laughter and waffles. Mom of four and wife to one very cute pastor. I am grateful for life in all its messiness.

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