Important Matters

Not long ago I scribbled down a few thoughts about having unexpectedly landing in a long season of rest. Yet, here I am again longing for slow following a long season of busy. Life is like that with its ebb and flow.

Looking back always slows me down long enough to see what I might have missed along the way. And looking back brings clarity on what I want up ahead. Often caught up in the toiling and strifes of life — it sure is easy to miss the important things.

The recent Thanksgiving season beckoned us to pause and ponder what really matters, and the upcoming Christmas season beckons us to do the same. As we come to the close of yet another year, it’s a good time to reflect.

What really matters?

I am incredibly grateful for the gift of life, for health, and living close to our families again. I am thankful for our little church and this little corner of Plano, Kentucky that we occupy. I am thankful for filled-up living rooms and filled-up hearts after gatherings with my girlfriends. I am thankful for daily walks with my dog, movie dates with my hubby, buttered popcorn, the dearest of friends near and far, and for the paths we find ourselves on that sure seem higher than our own.

Merry Christmas, my friends! May you hold close the things that really matter this season.

Published by Angie

An introspective pastor’s wife, who believes in lots & lots of grace, laughter and waffles. Mom of four and wife to one very cute pastor. I am grateful for life in all its messiness.

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