Together is a beautiful place to be. Relationships are complicated — difficult though.

We tuck away, isolate, insulate, easily offend, and get easily offended. Blame gets strewn, and the benefit of the doubt is not often offered. We forget the good amidst the bad, against the mad.

When will we learn that we’re all merely man, doing our best to communicate how we can? The perfect words are not always known, nor when to rescue, stand down, or how to never misstep. Don’t people know that we don’t always know?

The pressure to perform, to please, is all-encompassing. It smothers and drowns, ruins days, wreaks havoc, kills relationships and souls too. The aim then is letting go of letting down. Accepting disappointment and disappointing. Embracing grace instead, room to grow is the goal.

Flawed like all and short on coming through, we fail, and can’t control a response of love or a lack thereof. Let us shake off the constant need to please, this paramount pressure threatening to impede. May we seek encouragement, nourishment, offering no offense in return.

Extending forgiveness, understanding, and love to ourselves and to others is the only way, because together is a beautiful place to be.

Published by Angie

An introspective pastor’s wife, who believes in lots & lots of grace, laughter and waffles. Mom of four and wife to one very cute pastor. I am grateful for life in all its messiness.

4 thoughts on “Together

  1. These words do ring very true as we go in and out of friendship seasons. It’s the friendships.and relationships that we work through all this that last and are so meaningful. You expressed these thoughts so well. I love your photos of your husband and sweet friends.


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